Connected Services

Service Name Description Privacy Statement
License Clearance Tool (LCT) A tool that provides a guided approach for establishing the proper open-source licence required for the creation of a new dataset, media, software etc. or for the re-use of existing unlicensed content
NI4OS Agora NI4OS Resource Portfolio Management Tool
NI4OS Login OpenID Connect Relying Party (Demo) A PHP-based OpenID Connect Relying Party used for NI4OS Login demonstration purposes
NI4OS Membership Registry Registry service for managing NI4OS user identities and Virtual Organisation (VO) group membership and roles
NI4OS Membership Registry - Linking Endpoint NI4OS Membership Registry service endpoint for managing identity linking
NI4OS Repository The repository service allows NI4OS users to deposit and share data via a user-friendly web interface.
NI4OS Training Platform Training materials related to the training events organized by the NI4OS-Europe project, but also self-paces online courses on various topics related to the European Open Science Cloud
nikosevTest (not available) (not available)

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